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Продается Моторная яхта Bilgin 156'

Производитель Bilgin Yachts
Год выпуска новая
Цена яхты € 18 800 000
Продажа яхты Bilgin 156'
План яхты Bilgin 156' Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 3)
Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 4) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 5)
Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 6) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 7)
Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 8) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 9)
Двигатель дизель MTU 12V2000 M72 -1B2 x 1448 л.с.
Материал корпусаСталь
Максимальная длина47.50 м
Длина по ватерлинии41.28 м
Максимальная ширина8.75 м
Водоизмещение446000 кг
Осадка2.5 м
  • Пресная вода
  • 11600 л
  • Топливо
  • 63800 л
  • Сточные баки
  • 6000 л
    Количество кают5 + 5 crew
    Количество спальных мест10 + 9 crew
    Круизная скорость12 узлов
    Максимальная скорость16 узлов
    Страна стоянкиТурция
    Порт стоянкиIstanbul

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    каталог яхт

     Описание яхты Bilgin 156'

    The vessel will not exceed the 500GT mark, and is designed with clean exterior lines, portraying a classic and timeless appearance. With exterior styling and naval architecture by Unique Yacht Design, H2 created the general arrangement and interior design concept. The layout adopts a four larger-cabin layout instead of five cabins, with a generous owners suite which also benefits from a hull balcony. The result is spacious accommodation for 10 guests in a highly modern bright interior featuring large windows. Subtle touches such as a combination of wood variants and precious metals are introduced in this?? minimalistic copper coloured scheme.

    General - This specification describes a distinguished twin screw motor, displacement yacht which is intended to be used for coastal and offshore unrestricted cruising around Europe, Mediterranean, Atlantic and Caribbean’s.

    • Interior Design: H2 Yacht Design
    • Exterior Design : Unique Yacht Design
    • System Design: Unique & Bilgin Yacht Design Team
    • Naval Architect.: Unique Yacht Design

    The yacht is built and equipped complying with the RINA C Maltese Cross, Hull, Mach; Y unrestricted and LY3 regulations.

    Steel hull & Aluminum Superstructure in accordance with rules and regulations of recognized classification society and flag state.

    Machinery, Propulsion & Equipment:
    • Main Engines: 2x MTU 12V 2000 M72 1448bhp 2250 rpm Marine Diesel Engine
    • Generators: 3x 80kW Kohler ADV 8507 Marine Diesel Generator
    • Propellers: 5 blade propellers 1400mm diameters
    • Sha?s: 120mm diameter, duplex S.S. water lubricated sha?s
    • Bow Thruster: Sidepower SAC610-1100 Electric Bow Thruster
    • Stabilizer: TRAC 540 26X Fin Stabilizer
    • Steering System: Hidromarin Hydraulics
    • Pumps: Azcue pumps
    • Fixed Fire System: Ultra-Fog System
    • Freshwater Maker: Tecnicomar, SAILOR S3-40, 8400lt/day
    • Boiler: 2x 250 liters by DIKO
    • Sewage Treatment Unit: Tecnicomar, Ecomar 16
    • Sanitary System: Jets Vacuum System
    • Anchor Windlass: Hidromarin Hydraulics
    • Mooring Capstans: Hidromarin Hydraulics
    • Sliding Doors: Custom made by Brillmar
    • Watertight Hatches: Custom made by Brillmar
    • Galley Equipment: Siemens
    • Cold Room: Custom made
    • Sound System: Harman Kardon voice and sound system by Savant Automation
    • Underwater Lights: Cantalupi
    • Air Conditioning: 480.000 BTU capacity chiller system
    • Fans & Fire Dampers: Gianneschi
    • Pasarella: Sanguinetti or equivalent
    • Cranes: Custom made by Brillmar

    Accommodation: The following cabins and compartments are located at four decks of the yacht:
    • 4 Guest Cabins
    • 1 Master Cabins
    • 1 Captain Cabin
    • 4 Crew Cabins
    • 2 Saloons
    • Sundeck Area
    • Beach Club & Garage Area (both used as tender storage and living area)
    • 3 Shell Doors (Side shell door for tender launching, transom door for Beach
    • cluband balcony at master cabin)
    • 2 Jacuzzis

    Navigation Equipment:
    Navigation equipment will be fitted in accordance with regulations A3 unrestricted navigation.

    Deck Saloon / Lounge
    Any material hand or body touches is natural The most distinguishing characteristic of her interior design is that, 3 completely different natural material trying to carry out the same style and texture. Marble, copper and leather are perpetual with each other’s characteristics where ever they are applied.
    Leather, reflecting the copper... The copper material which determines the general lines of the design with the horizontal stripes at the common spaces stick with the design line with leather used in the cabins. The warm colour tones used in copper and leather are balanced with the cold color tones of the marble. ‘Transparent’ copper and glass materials which were used with modern lines create a perception where it feels like looking behind a tulle. The materials that we have been familiar for centuries such as leather, natural stones and copper are displaying a pretty modern outlook with the way they were applied in the interior design.

    Bilgin Team Message
    “BILGIN 156 has the advantage to get registered for commercial use under 500 GT while being able to navigate under unrestricted service. She also gives the opportunity to her owner to satisfy minimum safe manning requirements with less crew. This provides lower operating costs.” Sencer Guneer - Project Manager, Bilgin Yachts Shipyard
    “It is always exiting to see the end product for a designer. But with BILGIN 156 we can’t wait to see the reactions of the people a?er the completion of her construction by globally known Turkish cra?smanship…” Emrecan Ozgun - Founder & CEO, Unique Yacht Design

    Short Spec (PDF)

    Download Bilgin 156' brochure (PDF)

    LD FWD Guest Cabin Presentation (PDF)

    LD Guest Cabin Presentation (PDF)

    Owners Suite Presentation (PDF)

    Beach club (PDF)

    Galley (PDF)

    LD Guest Twin (PDF)

    Main Saloon Revision (PDF)

    Wheelhouse (PDF)

     Фото яхты Bilgin 156'

    Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 10) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 11) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 12) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 13) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 14) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 15) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 16) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 17) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 18) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 19) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 20) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 21) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 22) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 23) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 24) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 25) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 26) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 27) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 28) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 29) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 30) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 31) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 32) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 33) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 34) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 35) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 36) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 37) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 38) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 39) Продажа яхты Bilgin 156' (Фото 40)

    Компания MZ Yachts

    Телефон: +7 (499) 703 15 48

    Яхтенный брокер: Михаил Житников

    Телефон: WhatsApp +7 926 53I З9З5
    Город: Москва

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    г. Москва, ул. Средняя Первомайская, 4  тел.: +7 (499) 703 15 48     
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