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Продается Моторная яхта Pioneer C54

Производитель Pioneer Motor Yachts
Год выпуска 2008/2016
Цена яхты по запросу
Продажа яхты Pioneer C54
Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 1) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 2)
Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 3) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 4)
Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 5) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 6)
Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 7) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 8)
ДизайнAlex Swan
Двигатель дизель Carte 360 C352 x 847 л.с.
Пробег двигателя1100 часов
Материал корпусаКомпозит
Максимальная длина16.50 м
Максимальная ширина4.33 м
Осадка0.9 м
  • Пресная вода
  • 1000 л
  • Топливо
  • 2400 л
    Количество кают2+1
    Количество спальных мест4+1
    Страна стоянкиИспания
    Порт стоянкиBarcelona
    Район плаванияСредиземное море, прочее

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    каталог яхт

     Описание яхты Pioneer C54

    Helmet completely repainted in 2016.
    Unique boat, in Spain (two in Europe, the other one in Monaco), from the shipyard. Boat is in perfect condition of maintenance and navigation, very equipped and very sporty lines.

    Download yacht brochure (PDF)

    Desig Built with first world qualities of large yachts (composite hull), and all components of European or American origin with technical service in any country. By creating «Pioneer C54» the best Russian developments in the field of space engineering materials were used; the scientific advances in strength, ductility, hydrodynamics and development of modern design, with the theoretical and practical bases of modern shipbuilding.

    The case of the "Pioneer C54" is created using composite multidimensional sandwich technology based on the developments used in Russian space aeronautics. The idea of the helmet is to introduce structural elements (stringers and floras) directly into a sandwich with a complex corrugation that assumes all the loads. In most modern yachts made of fiberglass, the structural elements are "pulled" through the entire hull, reinforcing the bottom, but leaving local weaknesses on the sides sensitive to shock. On the contrary, the helmet of the "Pioneer C54" can be compared with a complete nut housing, light and resistant at the same time. From this point of view, the helmet of the "Pioneer C54" works like a bulletproof vest: the outer layer extinguishes the energy of the impact, and the internal one, porous and elastic, provides airtightness. As a result, the helmet is almost impossible to break. Also it does not affect the osmosis Jet turbines are usually used in larger yachts or by rescue / police boats (Salvamar, Guardia Civil). They give the boat power, stability, safety and maneuverability. It can be stopped almost immediately, does not affect the floating obstacles in the sea and can navigate with little depth. In perfect condition (pre-owned).

    • Customized hydraulic gangway, Besenzoni brand with control.
    • Furuno radar.
    • Furuno GPS.
    • Furuno automatic pilot.
    • Electronic flaps.
    • Anchor windlass.
    • Oman current generator
    • Fusion MS-AV700I music system with Bose speakers.
    • Bow thruster.
    • Mastervolt battery charger.
    • Fixed telephone via satellite.

    Comfort / Interiors
    • Large living room, fully equipped kitchen, electric 2wc with shower, 2 rooms (the owner's very large, boat length).
    • Air conditioning in all rooms.
    • 4 refrigerators, microwave and ceramic hob.
    • Bath with aft armchairs.
    • Bar furniture in both bands.
    • Electric barbecue in bathtub Salon with dinette on starboard and TV area on the port side.
    • Command post on starboard with two comfortable Recaro seats.
    • Kitchen down a couple of steps down the port side and guest cabin on starboard with your bathroom.
    • Shipowner cabin in bow with V-berth and toilet in cabin.
    • Aft stowage and shower enclosures.
    • Large sundeck aft.
    • Hot water heater.
    • Bananera electric awning.
    • Interior lighting complete with LEDs.

    Yacht video

     Фото яхты Pioneer C54

    Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 9) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 10) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 11) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 12) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 13) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 14) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 15) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 16) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 17) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 18) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 19) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 20) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 21) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 22) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 23) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 24) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 25) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 26) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 27) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 28) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 29) Продажа яхты Pioneer C54 (Фото 30)

     Комплектация яхты Pioneer C54

    Брашпиль электрический
    Носовое подруливающее устройство

    Компания MZ Yachts

    Телефон: +7 (499) 703 15 48

    Яхтенный брокер: Михаил Житников

    Телефон: +7 (499) 703 15 48
    Город: Москва

     Задать вопрос брокеру о покупке / продаже яхты Pioneer C54

    Страна, Город   
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    г. Москва, ул. Средняя Первомайская, 4  тел.: +7 (499) 703 15 48     
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